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The International Conference on Transforming Traditions in the Interplay of Religion and Media. Jyväskylä, Finland 10–13 July 2003.

Thursday 10 July

15:00 Arrival and registration

20:00 - 21:30 Reception hosted by the City of Jyväskylä

Vice chairman of the Cultural Board Jukka Louhivuori

President of the conference Hannele Koivunen

Professor in Art History, University of Jyväskylä, Heikki Hanka will introduce the Yaroslavl Art Museum icon exhibition from three centuries in the Jyväskylä Art Museum.

Friday 11 July

8:30 Registration and Coffee

10:00 Opening Ceremony.

Sanctified, a film by Ari Meriläinen, YLE, TV2.

Archbishop Jukka Paarma

Director General of Finnish Broadcasting Company, YLE, Arne Wessberg

11:15 Plenary I: Western Media Facing Otherness

Chair Hannele Koivunen

Robert Dannin, "Reflections on Islamophobia in post 9/11 America"

Stewart Hoover, "Religion in the Media Age"

Commentary Tarmo Kunnas

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Sessions

17:00 Sessions end for the day.

18:00-20:00 Panel Discussion on Religion and Terrorism

Erkki Tuomioja, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Robert Dannin, chair, Professor of metropolitan studies, NYU

Tarja Väyrynen, Research director of Tampere Peace Research Institute

Leena Reikko, Free-lance journalist in Israel

Mikko Valtasaari, journalist of YLE

Juha Pentikäinen, Professor of comparative religion, Helsinki University

Saturday 12 July

10:00 Plenary II: Sacred Technology

Chair Osmo Pekonen

Anne Foerst, "Bodies in the Internet"

Mihály Hoppál, "Sacred Technologies of Shamanic Rituals: Archetypes of Religious Communication"

Michael Pye, "Electronic Projections of Japanese Religion"

Commentary Raimo Väyrynen

11:30 Coffee Break

12:00 Plenary continues

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Sessions

15:45 Coffee Break

16:15-17:30 Sessions

19:00 Conference Banquet hosted by University of Jyväskylä: a Northern white summer night at a lakeside traditional farm house (Varjolan tila) with a special programme by Wimme Saari.

Sunday 13 July

9:00 Summary of the sessions

10:00 Plenary III: Global Media Ethics

Chair Reijo Heinonen

Sara Imilmaqui Aguas, "BORDER RIVER, SACRED RIVER - Indigenous Experiences from the Ethnic Conflict Zone of the Upper Bio-Bio River, Chile"

Introduction Juha Pentikäinen

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Plenary continues

Robert White, "Is Ethical Consensus Possible or Desireable in a Global Society?"

Commentary Tapani Ruokanen

12:30Closing of the conference

Aino Sallinen, rector, University of Jyväskylä.

Aladin Abbas, lute artist from Egypt/Finland.

13:30 Lunch

Post-confererence event

Sunday 13 July, 15:00, Room B105 (Auditorium 2) in Agora

Taisto Lehikoinen publicly defends his doctoral dissertation "Religious Media Theory: Understanding Mediated Faith and Christian Applications of Modern Media".

The official opponent Professor Robert A. White (Gregorian University, Rome).

The duration of the defense is 2 - 2,5 hours.

Minor changes may take place in the program.